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These tires sealant have the sole objective of delivering military personnel to their destination as safely as possible. This means overcoming any obstacles in its way. From rough terrain to spikes to even gunfire, the Armour-T tires will keep you safe.
The special formulation in A-T6.0 was adapted to create a semi-liquid layer of sealant material covering the entire casting, sidewalls included. A-T6.0 will seal penetrations form objects up to 15mm on the tread area & 6mm penetrations on the sidewall.
More importantly, it has the strength to seal bullet penetrations caused by firearms as powerful as 9mm pistols, sub-machine guns and AK 47 assault rifles.
Extreme tests showed that A-T6.0 seals punctures for the duration of the tire’s legal life - provided a sufficient quantity of A-T6.0 remained available in the tire.
A-T6.0 guarantees no blow out on tires and no down time due to a puncture on the side of the road. The product will not affect the wheel balancing of your vehicle, even after being stationary for a prolonged period

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