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 InstArmour by IG was developed to address the challenge created by heavy vehicle armouring; keeping vehicles well protected yet light and agile. And doing this in a way which is cost effective. Our product combines cutting edge technology and smart design.   

With the rapid improvement of technology over the past decade, the cost for high quality security has increased exponentially. Safety should never be a luxury, it is a necessity.

InstArmour offers premium security technologies at an affordable price. Convenience and quality are fundamental aspects of the defense and security industry.

InstArmour personifies these characteristics with its revolutionary design. Within seconds, outfit any vehicle with top of the line ultra-lightweight bullet resistant Armour for glass and steel, no tools required. Gain the ability to retaliate by shooting through the one way bullet-resistant glass. With the release of InstArmour, security has never been more accessible.

Benefits of InstArmour

  • Made of ultra lightweight, bullet resistant material for glass and steel

  • User friendly,install and uninstall in seconds

  • offers protection up to B6 level

  • Packs into a custom made travel case

  • does no damage to vehicle and can be removed without a trace 

  • Can be retrofitted on a wide range of vehicle models without the need for any modifications

  • Doesn’t impede the opening/closing of windows

  • Ability to retaliate through the glass

  • the InstArmour+ package offers electronic jamming and anti-tailing system and 360 view capabilities and its all easy to install and remove within minutes   

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