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Glass represents a potential weakness in any building security solution. Windows are easily penetrable and can become deadly in itself, when shattered.

 In the event of explosive or seismic activity, flying shards of glass are a major cause of injury and trauma. Bullet resistant and toughened glass is costly. Its weight and thickness can result in additional structural work on installation.

 InviArmour Systems provides a convenient alternative solution, that not only strengthens glass but eliminates the possibility of issues upon installation that are common with similar products. Our products have been developed using patented nanotechnology that has been designed to drastically increase the strength and flexibility of everyday, standard glass. Transforming glass into an invisible, energy efficient, high security barrier. Thus, supplying the protection and extra time needed to save lives.

 Advanced & Elite InviArmour Systems are certified to resist impacts from high velocity bullets and shrapnel, providing a secure and cost effective alternative to bullet proof glass. Lightweight and thin, our treatment can be applied to new glass - minimizing costly building work - or it can be retrofitted to existing glass - providing rapid and economical protection.

 For organizations operation on a budget, but who cannot afford to compromise on safety, InviArmour offers the perfect solution.

 With correct installation, InviArmour Systems can become an integral part of your threat management strategy.



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