C.P.E. Production Oy Combat Protective Equipment
C.P.E. (Combat Protective Equipment) is a ballistic/riot and training equipment manufacturing company headquartered in Finland. C.P.E. supply different military, police, elite national counter terrorism units and prison services which saves lives daily due to our high quality.
Non negotiable manufacturing standards.
C.P.E. is an ISO 9001 certified company with sterling reputation for technological superiority and top quality manufacture. C.P.E. takes people from Training to the Real Combat through our products lines as perhaps the only company in the world. These solutions are made by Professionals for Professionals.
C.P.E. has an own ballistic test laboratory where we do a lot of R&D work to optimize constructions and badge tests to make sure that all deliveries are with the highest quality and safety. All our solutions are certified to the latest standards to give the best safety possible for the end users, and we do never compromise on safety.


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